Youtube Video Rank Checker – Free Tool to Track Youtube Videos Keyword Rank

A must have youtube video rank checker software that is completely FREE and tracks changes in youtube video keyword rank by the hour!

Serpbook is a FREE trial-based software that allows you to check the rank of your youtube videos along with your website’s rank in google, bing, yahoo, and even in the local map pack.

You can even use this youtube video rank checker tool to find out where your video is ranked in Google for certain kw phrases if you are trying to pull traffic from Google as well.

Serpbook continually updates all its ranks every 2 hours and is not always completely accurate.

Because of this, serpbook is only a tool to estimate the effects on your youtube video rankings. However, there aren’t many free search engine rank trackers out there that provide all the options serpbook does for free.

This tool is a must have if you are testing different forms of Youtube SEO as it will allow you to get a moment-to-moment glimpse into the effects of your efforts.

I’ve used this tool to check youtube video position changes after gaining backlinks as well as for testing the description copy for videos.

You can now easily track your keywords in the search engines for your sites using this kw rank tracker. You just add in your video link, target keywords, specified search engine, and you’re ready to start tracking your youtube video position!

Start using your FREE tool now to track youtube videos!

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