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This is the story of how one video climbed to the top of Google in one month organically (no paid ads, etc.) and how that video subsequently increased the author’s YouTube channel subscribers from 50 to 600, his blog views from 15 per month to 2500 per month, his Facebook business page from 10 followers to 80, and how these indirectly caused an increase in business video commissions on his main business site from an average of 1 per month to 21 in the last 3 months (average 7/month) within a single year.
It was a bit of a fluke in that none of this was particularly planned. But based on accumulative knowledge gained by following various blogs and Linkedin groups on the subject of video, marketing and SEO, he evaluated the various performance aspects of this video to demonstrate what the component parts were that lead to these results. 30,000 views in a year may not be viral, but this was a niche technical review video that out-performed all the other video reviews on the same subject. It’s not that the video itself was flawless. It’s that it made the search engines happy because they (the search engines) quickly saw that those who viewed it found it highly relevant and engaging.
This 35 minute video goes over the subject of how search engines rank content, how and why video is highly sought-after content, why YouTube is the most important platform for video content, and what to do after the is uploaded to maximise its effectiveness.

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