YouTube SEO – 5 Unfair Steps to Rank Videos in Google

Looking for YouTube SEO? Do you Have a Video You Want On the 1st Page of Google?

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This is where you learn the 5 secret steps necessary to rank your video higher in the search engines. Having a video in youtube rank organically via proper SEO techniques will help you receive much more traffic.

More traffic = more leads = more sales

Step 1: Select Your Keyword

Step 2: On Page Optimization

Step 3: Create Live YouTube Event

Step 4: Promote Video

Step 5: Boost CTR, Views, & Social Signals

Search Engine Optimization is essential when creating videos. You must focus on the video title, the tags, and the description of your video. Once those steps are complete you can then focus on external factors in order to push your rankings to the top of Google.

There are many video seo services available online, but if you follow this simple formula and create your videos with these principles intact, you will see many of your videos dominating the first page of SERPs.

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