Wright Brothers Podcast: The Essential SEO Guide for Small Businesses

Episode 22 – The Essential SEO Guide for Small Businesses

Show Notes:

This week on Modern American Realtor, the Wright brothers explore the topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Speaking with industry professionals Stephanie Port and Bill Faturos of WP Promote, Casey and Corey examine common mistakes made by small businesses, discuss how realtors can optimize their web presence and provide strategies for leveraging social media. The guests draw from their extensive industry knowledge to provide expert insight to the conversation.

It’s no secret that SEO plays an important role in web strategy development. However, as search engine algorithms constantly change, the tactics required to maintain a valuable page ranking evolve alongside. Stephanie explains how over-optimization, through practices like keyword flooding or link farming, can severely damage a website’s search engine ranking. These tactics are typically sold to unsuspecting clients, who are unfamiliar with the ranking process as bold and lofty claims to raise SEO quickly require shady procedures that may incur harmful implications for the site. Adopting a patient mindset will help mitigate against these types of mistakes, as search engine optimization is a long term strategy requiring a broad spectrum of methods to achieve valid and lasting results.

In recent years, Google’s main objectives have switched to delivering high value answers through its search results. Creating beneficial content targeted towards common industry questions is a savvy approach for achieving greater search engine rankings. Bill discusses content creation and recommends agents aim to address frequently asked questions in the form of valuable content shared through social media and blogging.

Leveraging social media and user review sites has become an important element of successful web strategies. Ensuring business information is correct and current across all platforms (including Facebook, Yelp, Google Plus, Zillow, etc.) is vital, as it can influence a company’s legitimacy in search results. Additionally, engaging with clients through review sites and social media can provide further traffic, contributing towards the overall search engine ranking.

SEO is a pillar of every successful web strategy. The continuous development of algorithms enforces the importance of adopting a long-term mindset towards goals and results. As Google and other search engines strive to provide accurate answer to users, these platforms have created an opportunity for professionals to provide relevant insight as local industry experts. Engaging with clients through social media and other platforms has become an online extension of customer service, while simultaneously contributing towards a valuable search engine rank.


3:01 – Topic Introduction – SEO
5:20 – Guest Introductions – Stephanie Port and Bill Faturos
6:49 – Google’s Changes
13:17 – Providing Answers
15:45 – Optimize for Locations
23:00 – Yelp
28:10 – Most Common Mistakes
32:00 – Reverse Engineering
35:00 – Competing with the Big Players
39:50 – Things You Can Do From Home
46:35 – Future of SEO

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Podcast produced and edited by Jacob Turnbloom
Intro and outro music created by Jacob Turnbloom
Show notes and transcription by Matt Russell

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