Wix Tutorial 101: Creating A Website with Wix.com [2016 Version]

Wix Tutorial 101: Creating A Website with Wix.com [2016 Version]
Link to Wix.com: http://smartmindedmarketing.com/wix
In this “Wix Tutorial” I am going to personal show you just how easy it is to build a website using Wix (Wix.com)

Click Here to Visit Wix: http://smartmindedmarketing.com/wix

[Clickable Time Stamps]
00:00 Video Introduction
01:40 Signing up with Wix.com
02:09 Choosing Our Website Template
03:00 Editing Our Website
12:45 Adding Pages
14:10 Adding A Contact Form
15:47 Saving Our Website
16:39 Publishing Our Website
17:23 Different Wix Upgrade Options
18:43 Thank-You for Watching

This Video URL: https://youtu.be/3C2VL4xIy9Y

The main steps of building a website using Wix.com:

Sign up for an account
Pick the layout of our new website
Change / add our content (simple drag and drop)
Register our domain name and set up hosting (totally optional)

That is literally all we need to do in order to create an amazing website using Wix!

And while step 4 is totally optional, I would highly recommend that you do register your own domain name for your site, this way it will be a lot more BRANDABLE and easier to remember (the default domain names from Wix are pretty long)

I really hope you find this Wix tutorial helpful, and more importantly I hope your website looks awesome!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment underneath and I will do my best to help you out!

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The links contained in this video description are affiliate links. This means that I get paid a small commission for each person that signs up to Wix (and upgrades) through my link. This will not cost you anything extra and I really appreciate the support, as it helps me to keeps making videos and tutorials just like this one.

Please Note: even if you don’t use my affiliate link, or if you don’t plan to upgrade your account, I still HIGHLY recommend using Wix as a simple a way to create websites in a matter of minutes!

Thank you very much if you did decide to go through my link, I really do appreciate it.

Link to Wix.com: http://smartmindedmarketing.com/wix

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