Why pay $300 an hour for Vancouver photo booths?

http://alturl.com/3izvn – Choose a Minnie who is already a photobooth all by herself. Or, even an Elmo mascot. You can even get photo booth props for Minnie or Elmo for only more. Regardless of cost, watch this video, and see for yourself if these people had more fun with Minnie and Elmo vs the typical Vancouver photobooth rental. Watch the kids’ and parents’ faces, and see for yourself which provided “more smiles per dollar” at a first birthday party, or any other celebration. Watch how the 1st birthday baby would not leave Elmo’s side. Before you hire any entertainment, do yourself a favour, and surf for VANCOUVER BIRTHDAY ENTERTAINER REAL PEOPLE REVIEWS. Well, if you buy a book, don’t you look for Amazon reviews? Don’t you check out Yelp, for restaurant reviews? So, look for “real people” reviews on video, before hiring any photo booth in BC.

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