What is SEO? Well SEO is Alive and Well in 2014! SEO Done by a Real Professional SEO Consultant

I get this question all the time, What is SEO? SEO is still alive in 2014! Review my case study, one small business owner, that spend a small amount of money and his ROI turn out to 2,000%! See for yourself, I have over 14 years of real SEO experience. I love what I do as SEO consultant and being a small business owner for most of my adult live, I understand the importance of ROI! To read more about my Search engine optimization company visit us at http://getrankseo.com or call 1-800-781-1130

Our SEO service provide small business owners that are in need of a professional SEO consultant. Our goal is to provide satisfaction that can not be achieved anywhere else. Use our search engine optimization services to develop more leads and views, giving you the best chance to succeed in a competitive market! Our service includes;

1. Keyword Research
2. On Page Optimization
3. Content Development for Keywords
4. Off Page Optimization
5. Build a Social Media Presence ( Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc)
6. Link Building ( White Hat)
7. Video Marketing
8. Local Business Optimization ( If Needed)
9. Online Reputation Management ( If Needed)

Our Professional SEO service will guarantee 1st of google if your website meets the following criteria;

1. Must be 2 years or older
2. Never has had any SEO work done before

Those are the only 2 criteria and allow us 3 to 4 months! In some cases 6 weeks to start seeing results! To learn more visit us at http://getrankseo.com/small-business-seo/ to learn more about our Small Business SEO service!

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