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Website Optimization Tutorial for the local business owner. In this tutorial we will be breaking down the basics of how to optimize your website to perform well in the search engines.

Education on how search engines operate
Actual Google Search of a popular keyword
Website Evaluation

Optimizing your website to rank well for important keywords can be very profitable. It also can be very time consuming, but there are some simple search engine optimization techniques you can apply to your website that are simple and effective in the local search results.

In this video we will dive into the basics of optimizing your website and show you exactly why your website is not performing well.

Most local businesses have no idea how to get web presence other than social media, but they get calls every day from some company that promises the first page of Google.

I’m telling you right here and now if you get an SEO company that tells you they can guarantee the first page results you should run the other way.

Algorithms are so unpredictable Google doesn’t even know what they are going to do next. The best way to go about SEO is to follow a proven plan that works.

The first page of the search engines are great for a business if they are converting traffic into actual revenue. What good is website traffic if you’re not acquiring customers?

That being said make sure your internet marketing company is tracking your website and communicating with you on a monthly basis or whenever you need to information.

I’m hoping this video reaches every local business owner who really wants to understand SEO and can appreciate the value it brings to a local business.

I know a lot of old school business owners are all about referrals and that’s great until the referrals stop coming in. These days even when a person is referred to a business they will still get online to research that business. I know I’ve done it.

The first section of the video I’m going to touch on the search engines and how they crawl around the world scanning or indexing billions of webpages. You’re going to find out how these search engines crawl around and where they store these web pages.

Next we will go over to Google and perform a live search ourselves. I’m going to break down the Google platform and show you how each section operates.

Then it’s time to get into the meat and potatoes. We will dig into an actual website the team has designed.

We will first talk about the importance of a good design and how that can capture browsers and turn them into leads.

Website content is probably my favorite subject to cover because It’s something I’m passionate about. My favorite part of the job is writing content and lots of it. I love a content rich website and so does the search engines.

I’m going to go into Local Citations and the role they play when ranking on the local level. I’ve seen websites where the business owner built their own citations and almost everyone had inaccurate information. That can be damaging to your rankings.

Last and certainly not least we’re gonna go over backlinks and how they play a factor in search engine rankings.

Don’t worry I’m not going to geek out and explain every step we take when building a backlink profile. Just the basics.

If you have any questions or comments at all please visit our website and we will be in touch. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the video.

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