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@DarrenShaw_ of presented about the “Basics of Website Optimization” at a Jobber gathering in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada).

In this presentation Darren covers the following topics:
01:26 How to do Basic Keyword Research
04:17 Website Optimization Best Practices
04:46 Have a decent amount of content on the homepage
06:43 Have a web page for every service and sub-service
08:33 Have plenty of quality content throughout the site
11:56 Watch your URL structure
12:29 All about Title Tags
14:04 Your Meta Description
14:46 Forget about Meta Keywords
15:41 Use Headings (H1, H2, H3) properly
16:14 About Image Alt Attribute
16:54 Keyword in bold/italics is something from the past
17:20 Don’t over optimize
17:44 How to do internal linking properly
18:29 The Importance of Fast Loading
19:08 Mobile Friendly websites
20:10 About Good Site Structure
22:28 NAP in Schema
23:19 Embed a Google Map the right way
24:08 Landing Page Title Tag
24:30 Link back to your Google+ Local Listing


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