Web Marketing: 7 Tips for Call To Action Buttons on Your Website

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What works for increasing conversions for your website optimization? Surf over to http://www.techdivamedia.com for a free download and practical tips for your web marketing. Best call to action buttons – “Call-to-Action” buttons is web geek speak for the button on your webpage that solicits action from the visitor. The most popular way to get a call to action on a website is to have a clickable button that performs an action (e.g. “Sign up now”) or lead to a webpage with more information (e.g. “Learn more…”).

Because this is a critical component of getting people through your site or getting them to buy from you, it’s important to optimize this button to let it do its job. This video gives 7 quick tips for best practices for buttons. To see examples of call-to-action buttons, visit my site page at: http://www.techdivamedia.com/call-to-action-button-examples

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