Video Marketing Strategy | Top Marketing Strategies | Top Google Ranking Strategies Video Marketing Strategies are the best, fastest and most economical way today to get found online, get more leads and convert more lookers to buyers. Web Videos are preferred by buyers.

Are you frustrated with your lack of qualified leads? Are your sales down or not growing as fast as you know they can? Are you losing out to your competitors because they are easier to find online than you are?

According to Google, over 92% of buyers do research online before making a decision. So, doesn’t it make sense to focus on getting found online where your buyers are? With the internet, you can get in front of more buyers quickly. You can get more leads and more business.

Simply put, if you’re not getting found online, your buyers will contact your competitors who are getting found and not you.

So, how can you get found ahead of your competition, especially if your competition has deeper pockets than you?

The fastest, most effective and least inexpensive way today is Web Video. Why? Because Google loves video… And Google is the number one place buyers go to search for products and services.

Videos done correctly show up much faster online and rank higher than websites so you have a much better chance of getting a video found than a website, your social media marketing sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Buyers also like to search on YouTube. In fact, YouTube is the second most popular place buyers search for products and services. Google owns YouTube. They combine for over 73% of all online searches.

So, to dominate your competition economically, your best bet is to get found on Google and YouTube.

It used to be … Videos were too expensive to produce and edit for many firms. This has changed dramatically with the advent of in-built cameras on smart phones, tablets and laptops. Many of highly viewed videos online were filmed on these devices versus expensive cameras.

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