Top 3 Best free keyword planner for YouTube/Website. SEO tutorial

In this video we will learn how to find the right keyword for YouTube or Website. YouTube or Website need SEO for getting more viewers for we have to use the right keyword. We can use this three free website for keyword:
1.Keyword tool io- ( )
2.KwFinder- ( )
3.Google AdWords- ( )
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Hello friend’s my name is Rayhan and welcome to RVS ( Rayhan Video Sites)
Today we are gona learn the top 3 best website for keyword.
First one is keyword tool io, second one is KWFinder it means keyword finder and the third one and the best one is Google AdWords
Let’s see what website does for us. First one is keyword tool, if you want to search keyword for apple. You can type apple here A P P L E and enter here you can see they give us lot’s of option for keyword. You can chose any of them if you like and you can put that keyword on your YouTube or website. And second one is kwfinder you can type apple here also and enter here you can see they give us lot of option for keyword u can chose any you like and here also we can see they give us monthly search volumes so, you can see how many people search for this keyword in one month. I think this is one of the best, it’s almost work like Google AdWords. And the last one and the best one here you can search best keyword for you this website will give u the monthly search, revenue, CPA. So that’s it for today hope you like this video and if you like this video click the like button, share with your friends and Subscribe this channel for more amazing video.
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