Top 10 Google Ranking Factors – 2016

Top 10 Google Ranking Factors – 2016

Google algorithm has been changing over the past few years. Therefore, it is important to keep track with Google updates to know what is the current ranking factors. Before getting into the ranking factors one by one, you should firstly have a clear objective on your website, which is to have a site that delivers value to the users.

1. Crawlability Of Your Site
To be ranked, you have to make sure that your website is crawlable by Google’s Spiders. One of the simplest and effective ways to tell Google what pages are included in your website is sitemap. By having a sitemap, it is easier for users to navigate your website as well.

2. URL Structure
Not only navigation, do you know that URL also affects your ranking?
Google will find it more significant to rank your website when a keyword appears in your URL. Make sure to keep your URL length between 30-50 characters including keywords because most websites that are ranked on Google have a shorter URL. The order of which keywords appears in your URL matters as well. It’s best to include your keywords to appear earlier in a URL.

3. Keywords
Keywords also help Google’s Spiders to understand what your content is about.

4. Content
When writing, keep in mind that you are writing for both readers and search engines, so you have to make sure to create a quality content.

5. Image Count
Images in content is a powerful way to make an impression on a website.

6. Number Of Internal Linking
Internal links can help both the users and search engines to navigate or crawl your website.

7. Click-Through Rate (CTR)
CTR measure the percentage of visitors click on your links or website.

8. Site Speed
Slow page speed hurts your rankings, especially sites that take up to 20 seconds to respond to a single request. Users hate sites that load really slow.

9. User Experience
Bounce rate is measured when a user visited your website through Google, and then quickly hits the “back” button to be taken back to Google page, it is a negative signal, which indicates a high bounce rate.

10. Social Signals
Now that the Internet has become so advanced that things can go viral in just a few minutes, it is very important to set up social media sharing buttons.
Setting up social media sharing buttons help to get more exposure because when readers like what they’re reading, they will share your content around.

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