The history of search engines, search and SEO (search engine optimization) from 90s to present

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In this tutorial I talk about the history of search engines, Google, the search industry, and SEO (search engine optimization) from the 90s to the present. During the early days of the web, Google didn’t exist. Other search engines were dominant. Google emerged around late 1990s. Google’s algorithm was significantly better than the other search engines because it used a new algorithm for ranking websites. That algorithm was to count the number and quality of links pointing to a site, and use that information as a crowdsourced way to determine which sites were good and which sites were less good.

A little later in the history of SEO, many entrepreneurs realized that getting traffic from Google was great, and began manipulating which links were pointing to their sites in an effort to artificially manipulate search results.

During the early 2000s, blogging emerged because many people were realizing that if you simply create a website that discussed some topics, Google would likely rank your site for the associated searches and bring you traffic.

Later in SEO history as website owners became savvy about how to manipulate search results, Google had to become more savvy about how to determine who was manipulating search results. Google created a number of very harsh penalties for sites that manipulated search results at scale.

In the early 2000s, Google had two main competitors. Yahoo search and Bing search. They were thought of as threats. But looking back at the history of SEO and the search industry, they were never really threats because Google improved much more rapidly than them, and has beaten Yahoo and Bing by a wide margin.

SEO history
History of SEO

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