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SEO for your YouTube videos can easily allow you to drive more views. Watch this video to learn how to rank YouTube videos by leveraging video search engine optimization (video seo). In this detailed 30 minute, step-by-step seo tutorial I share the four critical elements of video seo.

This detailed video tutorial is based on experiance and results. By leveraging my “Tube Ritual” video seo I was able to launch a brand new YouTube channel with:

– No Videos
– No Subscribers
– No Authority
– No Nothin

And yet, I was able to publish videos that rank in both YouTube and Google, drive views daily and converted viewers into subscribers. Today, as I write this. My channel is gaining on average twenty new subscribers daily and that number is growthing. YouTube channel growth is possible for anyone will to do the work.

Pixie Dust!

1. YouTube Ranking Factors
2. YouTube Keyword Research
3. Uploading Videos to YouTube (Meta Data)
4. Video Promotion


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I share the very strategies, tactics and rituals that have generated job ending results for myself and countless students. More importantly, my methods have allowed me to impact others in a positive way and they can help you to do the same.

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