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Partner with us and benefit from our month-to-month online marketing programs, which combine Responsive Website Design, Local Search Marketing – Search Engine Marketing like Google AdWords programs, and Search Engine Optimization with customized marketing strategies designed by seasoned marketing professionals with your goals and needs in mind.

For a local business search engine marketing and search engine optimization go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. There are approximately 10 organic and 12 to 15 pay per click results displayed on the first page of Google (excluding the maps). Since most people search using different terms and keywords it is imperative for a business to cover as much real estate as possible on the first page results. When the search engine optimization falls short search engine marketing will pick up and bring in the leads. AdWords is a great way to target actively engaged buyers. A well-managed Google AdWords campaign supported with an easy to navigate content rich website will have your phone ringing off the hook. However you can’t ignore local SEO. Organic results especially in your service area are essential for you to capture the local traffic. Best practice is to support an AdWords campaign with a strong local search optimization program and we do just that. Call us for a free consultation with no obligation so we can show you how to dominate local search results in your area. To learn more visit

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