Save Money with Google AdWords – A Guide to Keyword Match Types

In this video we show you how to save money with Google AdWords by understanding the different keyword types and learning how to apply them in the best possible way.

Many people switch on their campaigns with the keyword match types set to broad match (as this is the default match type) and therefore, waste so much money. With this guide to keyword match types, you will be able to organise your campaign structure in a way that will be most cost effective for your business.

Keyword Match Types – We explore the different keyword match types including Exact, Phrase, Broad and Modified Broad, which can all be used for different purposes.

Negative Keywords – We take a look at how best to utilise negative keywords in your AdWords campaigns. Negative keywords are used in order to restrict certain keywords or phrases appearing when searching for a particular keyword.

Cross Triangulation –Discover how to use cross triangulation and ad group level negative keywords to create highly targeted campaigns and therefore increase click through rate. Cross triangulation is used by constructing ad groups based on match types and using negative keywords to ensure the correct search terms go to the correct ad group.

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