Rant: Scammer Locksmiths and Google Ad Words

Rant: Scammer Locksmiths and Google Ad Words.

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Hi, I’m Terry. And today I have a rant. This is my rant. Unlicensed scammer locksmiths. I have licensing where I live, government licensing. I just consider it part of my advertising budget. Yeah, I don’t know why they can’t catch these guys. They’re using the Google Ads. They’re advertising every night. They’re outbidding me for the AdWords. They’re just going crazy. For years I’ve been dealing with them. They’ve had fake addresses with my company name on it, with their phone numbers. I’ve had fake addresses. Now I’ve got AdWords like crazy. They try every now and then, they try to use my company name. We’re very aggressive how we deal with them, legally of course. We complain to our security licensing. Sometimes it helps. Most times nothing. These unlicensed scammer locksmiths are operating throughout North America. They’re in hundreds of cities. They’re causing huge problems for licensed locksmiths. Or even in states and provinces that have no licensing, they basically rule the roost. So again, it’s just a rant. I’ve been putting up with them forever. We’ve have various techniques for dealing with them. They’re a pain in the butt. They affect business. I’ve been able to work around them, however, it’s frustrating as heck. Google is taking their money and probably millions of dollars per month, per week. Google only does something when they start using our name. They try every trick in the book. There’s lots of new ones. This is my rant. I’ve just had a legitimate licensed locksmith do the same thing. Use our name in their AdWords. It wasn’t by accident. It was highly targeted. It targeted my company name, which is trademarked and they targeted a very precise and targeted AdWords campaign through Google on me. Is it bad enough we have the unlicensed scammer locksmiths doing it and now we have a few outlying locksmiths. Hopefully, because they’re licensed, our licensing government agency will deal with ’em, but again, it’s frustrating when legitimate locksmiths have now taken to copying exactly what the scammers do. We’ve dealt with it. I’ll let ya know what happens. But again, it’s my rant of the day, the unlicensed scammer locksmiths. They’re affecting business. We’re working around them all the time, but it really bugs me that Google AdWords is letting them run wild and they have to be spending millions of dollars per month in North America and nothing is done at all anywhere.

That’s my rant.

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