Question – What Programming Language Should I Learn to Create an Web Application Like Facebook ?

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Hi jimmy my name is Gregory and i am from Malaysia . I am going to college in few days time and i am taking IT course. I do my own study on programming from watching video on youtube and I know about html and css. My question is that what programming language should i learn to create an application like Facebook . Can I create an application using Java only or I need to use more than one programming language to build that advance application . By the way sure I love your video it help me alot on my path to becoming a web developer and keep on making video on programming that stuff. By the way sure can you make a video on this subject thank you so much and you are awesome .

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So the Question is How to Code a Web Application Facebook and in Which Programming Language is the Facebook Coded in ?

The Facebook is a Social Media Website and its Build in PHP and Yes Still in 2016 PHP is Relevant Comparing to the Popular OOP Language.
If You are Lazy You Can Use the ,Social Media CMS Such as the PHPFox Which I Love it.

If You are Thinking to Build a Website Like Facebook than Just Jump into Learning PHP.

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