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Are Mobile Optimized Websites Important for Local Small Businesses?

Mobile optimized websites are even more important to “local businesses” than non-geo specific businesses that don’t rely on having a local presence, and in the coming few years the need to be mobile optimised will actually dwarf mainstream internet websites in importance for generating local business and customers. Go to to discover why.

Now before you roll your eyes and think that this is just another of those internet marketing gimmicks or shinny objects that will just suck good money after bad, I want you to understand this about mobile:

“Mobile is not just another means of getting on the web or being able to carry a load of fun and marginally useful apps in your pocket.”

…It’s much more than that.

In fact I’ll go so far as in saying that it will have an even greater impact than the internet itself!


“Mobile is radically changing the way that we search for information and buy goods and services. It is changing our buying behaviour beyond recognition and the scary thing is that very few businesses are ready for what is coming in the next 2 to 3 years.”

Businesses that recognize the importance of mobile, that optimise their web presence for mobile traffic and embrace it within their business plans, will stand head and shoulders over other local businesses.

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