Poor On Page SEO? Website Optimization Tips Using Alt Text, Heading Tags & Google Plus | Local SEO

http://360businessreviews.com Wondering if you have good on page SEO on your website? How Do You Check to See? In this video I show you how a recent client of ours was oversold on a website with very poor on page SEO. You’ll also get some local SEO tips that will help you rank your website better in the local search engines.

Does your site have any text on it? Does it have very few graphics? If not, you’re at risk of being invisible to Google!

Google crawls for text, images, alt text inside the images, Heading Tags that tell them what your site or page is about, the written address of your business, business phone number and it helps to have your Google Plus page in the footer as well.

In this video I show how a local dry cleaner was grossly overcharged for local SEO services, and website design. This was one of the worst examples of optimizing a website from a “Professional” website design company that I’ve ever seen.

Learn how to check your web developer for errors or omissions from proper local SEO techniques. If you don’t have text or heading tags, you’re seriously missing the boat when it comes to ranking in the local or National search engines.

It just won’t happen! Hope this SEO Tutorial helped you!

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