Meta Tags: SEO Guide for Website Builders

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Is your website still stuck on the back pages for Google search results? Want to bring it to the first page where it belongs? The answer might be in the SEO meta tags.

Of course, your content is chock-full of keywords and phrases, right? Are you including them in your meta data, as well? Ryan Bowman from Web Eminence is here to present a simple SEO guide for meta data.

SEO spiders look everywhere on your page during keyword searches. While on-page content is the most obvious place for such information on your web page, there are other areas where you need to include some food for the spiders. The more bait, the bigger the haul, so be sure to include keywords in the page title, the page URL, and the meta description.

Web builders have tools in place that make it easy for you to allow you to add these meta tags for SEO optimization. You can find reviews of some of our favorites here. Any of these builders let you edit the names of each page on your own web page while you are creating it. If you do not already have it set up this way, make sure that you include the keyword for that particular page in the page title. The same is true for the URL. If you need to add an extra word to attract more spiders, do it! You probably will not see the meta description on the page. Don’t worry, though—it will be in the code for the page. SEO spiders will find it in the code.

With all of the new meta tags for SEO placed strategically on your site, you are sure to start catching some more spiders!


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