Marvel Heroes 2017 – Spider-Man Jumping Spider Build | Cosmic Trial + Cosmic Ultron Terminal

This Marvel Heroes 2017 Hero Guide goes over Spider-Man’s Movement Specialization, Jumping Spider!

Showcasing Spider-Man Gameplay for the Cosmic Trial and Cosmic Ultron Terminal!

Jumping Spider captures the iconic fighting style of Spider-Man from the comics and and allows the web-slinging Avenger to make quick work of his enemies!

Find out which skills to pick, items to obtain, synergies to link up, and Infinity Gems to choose in order to make Spider-Man truly “Spectacular” in Marvel Heroes 2017!

Refer to the annotations or the time stamps below to navigate through sections of the video.

00:37 – Skills
03:20 – Talents & Traits
05:29 – Infinity System
10:48 – Hero Synergies
11:31 – Gear Setup
17:15 – Rotation
18:46 – DPS Target Dummy Test
19:06 – Cosmic Trial
24:53 – Cosmic Ultron Terminal
30:13 – Review

The Wasp Team-Up is a better option as her passive will give you 20% Bonus Base Damage when you use a Movement Skill.
The Midtown Guardian’s Signet grants 30% Bonus Base Damage when you use a Movement Skill. Ring must be high rolled.

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