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This video was made for Kinex Media, a company which provides services for website optimization.

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75% of 22 million internet users in Canada research their goods online before buying.

Your Website is your best chance to impress your audience

At Kinex Media we help you convert your visitors into customers.

Is your website performing the way it should? Gain clear visibility of your website and identify issues affecting your website.

Our website diagnostic services, provide simple and affordable solutions to build the best user experience for your visitors and boost your profits.

Our diagnosis is done in five steps:

1) Usability : We evaluate your site design for site navigation and browser and device compatibility.
2) Traffic : How many people visit your website? How do they use your website? Where are they coming from?
3) SEO : Search Engine Optimisation helps you gain quality natural traffic from search engines. We report key SEO information about your website.
4) Social Media : Social Media has never been more important. We track all the valuable social analytics you need.
5) Technical : We evaluate all the technical elements of your website that are favoured by search engines.

Apart from these, we track what your competition is doing and where you lack.

We present all our findings and analysis in an easy to understand report delivered to you by Kinex Media. This report consists of :

1) How you could improve your website design?
2) How to boost your speed and performance further?
3) How you can achieve better search engine rankings?
4) Evaluate social networking opportunities
5) How all these will help you boost your business and increase profits?

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