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Joel Castillo is a digital advertising consultant in New York City and Palm Beach, Florida. Through Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Ecommerce Think Freely strives to maximize their small businesses’ return on investment.

Tips On Hiring A Company For Internet Marketing In Palm Beach

Every business needs to invest in internet marketing in Palm Beach. With more than 80% of all online purchases starting off with a simple online search and the omnipotence of internet in driving revenue for all types of businesses, no company can afford to not have a strategy of internet marketing in Palm Beach.

Naturally, you would have to hire a company to plan your entire strategy of internet marketing and Palm Beach has quite a few marketing firms that specialize in it. When you are on the quest of finding the best internet marketing company, you have to make a few pragmatic assessments to segregate the finest from the average ones. Here are a few tips that shall help you to figure out the best internet marketing company in Palm Beach.

The Plethora of Services for Marketing Your Company in Palm Beach

A company working on your internet marketing in Palm Beach needs to provide you with several types of services. Internet marketing comprises of search engine optimization, online lead generation which would be targeted and relevant, online advertisements using pay per click and various other concepts, mobile marketing, email marketing, call tracking and website development among others. The company you hire for your internet marketing in Palm Beach should offer all these services and more. You cannot possibly hire different companies for different aspects of internet marketing and you cannot do without any of the different methods used. Thus, you need a turnkey solution from one single company.


Every internet marketing company has certain specializations. Some would be experts at SEO while some may be great with social media profile management and marketing. Some companies are experts at video marketing in Palm Beach while some may be good with online reputation management. You need to hire one that has specializations in all these forays. Search engine optimization is as important as video marketing for Palm Beach businesses and so are social media marketing and online reputation management.


The existing clientele of any company speaks tons about their ability and achievements. You should always look for references and speak with some of the clients of the internet marketing company to know the quality of work they do and how they attend to the needs of different businesses.

Analytics & Review

Finally, internet marketing in Palm Beach or anywhere else is not a stagnant exercise. It has to evolve and transform over time. You should hire a company that runs real time analytics and consistently reviews its strategies to remain relevant and ahead of competition

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