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Internet Marketing Services for Contractors – A website does little good if customers don’t see it.

SEO for Contractors
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Search engine advertising (SEM) can sometimes be challenging idea to grasp due to the fact that everybody seems to have their own meaning and expectations. However no matter how you define your online objectives, Quantum Marketing can help your local contracting or home services business gain exposure online in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

So your probably wondering why search engine marketing is so important for your contracting business. The answer is easy – because for a lot of consumers their search for a local roofing contractor, plumbing technician or carpet cleaner starts online. Most market reports approximated that between 60 and 70 percent of consumers are using some sort of local or geo-targeted search term such as “Austin” when searching for a business.

This is really good news for local home services contractors. Typically speaking, online competitors for an “Austin” related local search term is reasonably low as compared to other major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles. For instance, a search for the phrase “painting contractor in Austin” produces around 66,000 organic results which are largely around directories. The same search with “Los Angeles” paints a completely different story – over 644,000 organic outcomes with a first page loaded with local businesses that have already optimized for local search (including the # 1 organic spot).

Improve Your Online Presence, Be Found Locally

Concentrating on local search can be a great means to improve your online visibility where it counts – in front of your potential customers. And relying on the competitors level in your certain industry this may be an approach that produces tangible results in a relatively short amount of time.

SEO for Contractors
(877) 304-7990

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