Internet Marketing Firms In Jacksonville FL | (904) 257-5740 | Reputation Marketing (904) 257-5740 Welcome to Advanced Marketing Solutions one of many internet marketing firms in Jacksonville FL the difference is we provide one stop for all your marketing needs. By providing you with an instant report right now about your company’s reputation and its’ online presence you will begin to understand why Advanced Marketing Solutions is different. Every business owner should be aware that there is a mobile movement going on. The rise of smart phones is creating smarter consumers creating more opportunity for a smarter market. Check out some of our work at

As you know cellphones are always on and always with us where ever we go. In one week 81% of consumers browse the internet, 71% used a search engine, 48% watched a video and 63% accessed a social network to connect with friends and family all on smart phones. Smart phones are being used everywhere. We can show how to dominate your market and get more business.

If you don’t believe the next time you go shopping or to a restaurant take a look around and see how many people are on their smart phones. It has become an essential part of the consumer’s life. Many consumers use smart phones to get information on the go to make buying decisions from homes and cars to groceries or booking a table for dinner.

74% of consumers made decisions to purchase because of information they got from their smart phones. Thing like reviews, product informatin and price was all obtained on a smart phone. Many consumers use their smart phones to verify information they saw from a TV or print ad.

So as you can see if you are not building a 5 star reputation, using a mobile website or social media you are definitely losing business which means less profits for your business. Of all the internet marketing firms in Jacksonville Fl that has proven turnkey systems that immediately generate you more leads, attract more clients and make you more money.

The first thing you need to do is talk to us about helping you improve your current marketing plan. It all starts with you seeing what others are saying about your company. Go to to get a report about your company’s reputation and your internet presence.

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