I’m Making a Move That Will Be Good for Me

I met the nicest guy online, and now we are dating exclusively and are now engaged. If anyone had mentioned ahead of time that I would be meet my future husband on the Internet, I would have thought that was funny. But that’s what happened, and it has been nothing but a very positive thing. He helped me look for apartments in Alamo Heights San Antonio after I told him I would be moving to live closer to where he lives. I wouldn’t do that for just anyone, but he is someone I can be very sure about and trust fully.

I was in a chat room with a lot of my friends. We are all book lovers and belong to a forum where a lot of different types of books are discussed. We even have a monthly book that we all read and discuss after we have all read it. It had opened my eyes to all sorts of genres that I had never paid attention to. Aside from reading, we also talk about life in general in the chat room itself. The guy I’m marrying wandered in one day to meet the rest of us, and we hit it off quickly. About six months later, we decided to meet in person and become a full-fledged couple.

My parents were concerned when I told them that I was moving to live closer to my boyfriend. Yet, they also understood that it needed to be that way because he is stationed at the Air Force base there, and it is not possible for him to move closer to where I am. I will live in my own place until after our wedding day. We will be married about a year from now because we have so much planning we need to do first.

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