How to set default Search Engine in Chrome

Chrome is a browser from Google, but you can change its default search engine to something else very easily

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Despite being a browser from the search engine Google, it is possible to learn how to set default search engine in chrome to something other than Google search. This tutorial will show you how.

Step # 1 — Accessing the Settings Tab

First, start Google Chrome. You will notice an icon in the top of the browser that looks like three verticle lines. Click on this icon and in the menu that appears, click the “Settings” option. This will open the “Settings” tab.

Step # 2 — Changing the Default Search Option

On this tab, you will see an area called “Search” which will inform you about which search engine you are currently using. The default setting is Google. In order to change this setting, click on the drop down box and you will be presented with a few of the most popular search engines. Select the one you want. As you can see learning how to set default search engine in chrome is very simple.

Step # 3 — Confirming the Change

Now to make sure that the change has gone ahead you need to open up a new tab. In the address bar type in your search term, press “return” and Chrome will run a search through you newly selected search engine, in this case Bing from Microsoft.

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