How To Optimize Your WordPress Images & Photos

How To Optimize Your WordPress Images & Photos

Episode 005 — How-to Optimize WordPress Images

What is up crafters? In this video I’m going to reveal the golden nuggets. I’m talking about how to make your website, your WordPress website faster!

And the biggest thing that I see is, when people are uploading their image to their WordPress websites, they are not optimizing them and so what that means is, when someone visits your site, your site will be slower because they’re trying to download this image that has not been optimized.

And I’m going to show you the process that I go through in order to get it as nimble as possible so ominous light over here my eye why work on a Mac

I’m showing you the file browser and here’s some images that I need to upload to my website. now if you look me pull this up your little bits I write it look right here this image right here is what I’m going to work with and you see the size is 1 1/2 MB in size that is way larger than it needs to be so a lot of people they get their image ready and then they used that but you see you end up with large images that slow your website down the Nelson Kercher SCO with Google so it was you could see this resolution so the first step is to change the resolution the size I don’t need the size of my image to be this big I needed to be 700 in with right now it’s 1920 so the first step is to reduce that so here’s how I do it now I’m on a Mac and be different on a PC but I’m sure there’s a free application in there to reduce the size so what I do is open it up in preview on the Mac in then I go here to adjust the size and then this drops down and so I first set my with two 700 and then I click okay and then I close it so right now you can see the difference in size it was 1 1/2 megs and ultimately 300 kB now that still much larger then it needs to be in there still some modifications that can be done to it in this is where my little secret website is it’s called

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