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In this video we will learn about how to make website for free using

Word free is really interesting , when we listen word free we got excited even we know that the fact is nothing is free in this word. If someone is providing you something for free he or she will take benefit for this by one way or the other.
Free website is also not free , You are investing your effort and time for the same .
Why and how people offering free website services ? A big question when developers are charging thousand of dollars then there is someone who is providing free website or websites for free. Is is possible ? answer is yes.. It is possible to provide free website or to get free website.
Ok now we know that it is possible to get or provide free website services then how … See when any service provider offering you to build free website he or she is not going to provide your own customized domain , instead of that they are providing you a subdomain on there server space . For example if someone publishing a book and you want to be a writer too the this person offer you to write a page of this book that will be for free ofcourse but will not offer you any royalty for the book. same way when you get a subdomain or a website for free , the owner of the website will get new content which improve the ranking of the website of various keywords and this website will get more and more traffic and if you have more traffic then there are several ways to earn money online.

In this video we will learn about one such service provider ” WiX” who is offering website for free. With wix anyone can build website for free with simple and easy to learn tools.

Hope this video tutorial for building website for free will help you a lot .

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