How to make google as default search engine from yahoo/bing

How to make google as default search engine or browser from yahoo or bing. New tab configuration to google. All questions answered. Google search engine is the best search engines till date.. Changing search engine on chrome,firefox or opera is simple.
Many times yahoo or bing or any other search engines replace google to be your default search engine on chrome, mozilla, firefox, opera or any other browser.
This video will help get “google search engine” back to google chrome or any other browser that you are using. It generally happens due to unwanted malware getting automatically downloaded which changes the setting of your default “google search engine” . how to get “google search” then becomes a pain if we don’t know how to do it. and it should be as “google search engine” is the best for any needs.
Google and internet explorer have very easy options to perform the task which we all can easily do.

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