How To Make A Website In 6 Minutes Flat // For Beginners!!

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Here are two tutorials to continue learning wordpress:

Basics of WordPress (31 min):

WordPress Usage and Features (68 min):

Personal note:
I hope that you found this tutorial on how to make a website helpful to you. After viewing the current tutorials that exist, it was obvious how much a short, to-the-point tutorial was needed.

Grabbing your domain and hosting is a must for any site on the internet. Without it, you simply can’t create a website. You’ll notice that I recommend HostGator in this tutorial. They are a great starter host – reliable and affordable. But feel free to use any host that you feel most comfortable with. Most of them have automatic wordpress installs as well (I just find HG to be my favorite).

After you get your hosting account set up and install wordpress, this is where the fun really begins. I have 2 links in the top of this description that will really show you how to build out your website and make it look/work exactly like you want it to. With wordpress you don’t have to do anything from scratch, so it makes creating a website extremely simple.

I would love to hear your feedback in the comments. If you were able to create a site using the tutorial, I would love to take a look at it as well! So feel free to private message me a link.

As always, if you have any questions while making your website, go ahead and ask. I will help as much as I possibly can. These tutorials get watched a lot so I try to dedicate a fair amount of my time to coming back and helping out.

Best of luck with your newly made website!

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