How to get your Website on Google Search Engine

In this video I am going to show you how to do 3 things.

1. How to get your website on google search engine.
2. How to test whether Google has found your site.
3. How to get your website on all the other search engines.

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Having your website on all the search engines really is a great source of free traffic and definitely worth spending a couple of minutes to do.

1. Submitting your site to Google is easy just type the following url.

I will put a link to the page in the video’s description.
Then type in the site you want to submit and you’re done. Normally it takes a couple of days for Google to index your site.
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2. To test whether Google has indexed your site, simply go to the Google search page. Then you input site: and your site name. Then you run the search. If it returns nothing your site is not indexed. As you can see here my site is indexed.

3. Now to get listed on all the other search engines.
The way search engines work is that they keep reading webpages, finding links on those pages to new pages and then reading those pages and so on. So if you put a link on an indexed site that allows you to do that. After a while the search engines will find the link and your site.

Many WordPress blog type sites, like my site Allow you to leave a comment on their posts with a link back to your website.

Just scroll to the bottom. The comment needs to be relevant to the content on the page. Also make the comment at least 3 sentences long. Shorter comments like “nice post” will generally get deleted.
That’s all for this video, with this information you should be able to get some traffic from those search engines.

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