How to Get Exact Monthly Searches in Google Adword Keyword Planner after new update

~~ Update 23 Sept 16 : unfortunately this stops working, but you can use ‘Keyword EveryWhere’ Extension, although Country wise data is not yet avaialble for all countries but you can choose US UK CA or Global as Country to Show Metrics ~~.

For Chrome :

For Firefox :

in This Video i’ll Show You How to get Exact Monthly Searches in Google Adword Keyword Planner After This New Update Which States
” This page shows ranges for search volumes. For a more detailed view, set up and run a campaign. ”

Just Follow This Video And You Will be Easily Get Exact Searches Through Adwords MCM

Transcript of VIdeo

Assalam u Alaikum
Today We Will See How to Get Exact Searches in Keyword Planner After Update.
First See How is it Look Like Now After This Update.
Now to Get Exact Searches like Before the Updates Follow This Video
1st Goto This URL
Then Create New Account With New Email
if You Dont have Google Account on that Email, Then Create here
And Then Next
Then Click I Agree Then Confirm Your Mail

Then Create New Account of Adwords From here or Link Existing One
1st Create New
Type Name And Create New Account
Then Click on Account Name in Accounts Tab
Then Open Keywords Planner from Tools
And Now Exact Searches is Back
Now Link Existing Account
Copy ID of Existing Account Then Paste it In MCM Box

Click Continue
then Authorise This From Existing Account’s Access Panel

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