How To Evaluate Multiple Guest Blogging Opportunities With Ahrefs Batch Analysis Tool

From today’s video you will learn how to find a lot of guest blogging opportunities for your website using Ahrefs Batch Analysis tool ( that will help you quickly eveluate the domain strength of each of the prospects.

1. Start with installing a bookmarklet that extracts search results from Google (;

2. Go to Google and make sure that your search settings are set to 100 results per page;

3. Type in Google a simple query to find guest post opportunities (like “write for us”+ any topical keyword);

4. Exctract the search results clicking on the previously installed bookmarklet;

5. Go to Ahrefs, find Batch Analysis tool under Labs, just paste all those URLs into the search box, and click ‘START ANALYSIS’ button. In no time you will get the stats on all these domains, including Domain Rating. Sort results by this metric to get the most powerful results on the top. For your convenience you might want to export this Batch Analysis report into CSV.

That’s it!

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