How to Do Keyword Research Right From Your Browser – Tutorial

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Are you wasting time creating YouTube videos that don’t receive any search traffic? If your videos don’t appear on YouTube or Google you’re missing out on an automated stream of traffic. Researching the correct keywords before creating your video is essential if you want to generate traffic leads and sales.

Do you want get the search volume + CPC right under your Google Search bar? Now you can by installing the browser add-on called “Keywords Everywhere” This tool saves you the hassle of copying data from various websites and using the google adwords keyword planner to see relevant search volume and cpc data.

The browser extension is avaliable for both Chrome and Firefox

Let me show you how it works

1. Install the Chrome Extension
2. Enter your keywords or keyword phrases in the search box
You can list them line by line or separated by commas
3. Click Get Search Volume and CPC (Cost Per Click)
4. View your results
5. Download the list in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats.
6. Click “rest and start again” to research different keywords

How to use Keywords Everywhere with Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest suggests the keywords and keyword phrases people enter into Google. By itself Ubersuggest only gives you the suggested keywords. After installing Keywords Everywhere you will see 2 extra volume and CPC..sweet!

How to use Keywords Everywhere to your advantage

If your keyword has a high search volume and high CPC that means it’s very competitive and it will be hard to rank your videos on YouTube and Google. It’s better to find long tail keywords which are less competitive.

That’s it!
Now you can save a ton of time by viewing the search volume and CPC right from your browser for any keyword.

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How to Do Keyword Research Right From Your Browser – Tutorial

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