How to create a professional free website? Step-by-step guide.

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How to create a professional free website? How to choose proper free website creator? How to build your own site using one of the best free website builders – WIX? What other website builders are worthy your attention? What are pros and cons of website builders comparing to WordPress? How to develop free site quickly and without having special skills? Answers on these and many other questions you will find on our website:

Now with you and today we will tell you how to get professional website absolutely for free. I focus your attention exactly on “professional” and “free”. It’s very important to understand it before chose the proper website platform for a website. Many webmasters simply download some free WordPress theme and upload it to hosting. But virtual hosting will cost you -8 per month in average and you can’t avoid it. Add to this a domain name – and it’s about per year. As a result – it’s hard to call such website “free”. Second popular way is to use Google Sites Platform. Here you won’t need hosting but it’s hard to call such a website “professional” – its functionality is very limited. So we need a website platform, free and professional at the same time. There are many really convenient website builders that allow to get free and professional website. One of them is WIX. WIX is powerful website builder – one of the best. So, now I’ll tell you about how to build a good website with the help of this website builder without spending a penny.

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