How Has Video Marketing Changed Internet Marketing In 2015

How has video marketing changed Internet marketing in 2015? Online marketing strategies change & your Internet business can always use marketing tips

Video Marketing Scholars was co-founded by Scott Morris and Ray Riechert and they are the video marketing consultants of the new generation.

In the past, Internet marketing gurus could charge thousands of dollars for their products and then continue an email marketing campaign to their list to sell products.

There was a lot “how to grow your business” if you do what I tell you. The problem was that these Internet marketers included tons of bonuses that took too much time to review, understand and implement.

Today it’s different. One of the best online marketing strategies, especially for video marketing is to offer up smaller bits of information. offers very relevant video marketing courses that help you grow your business.

Search engine marketing (SEO marketing) is a key component of our teachings and it helps you achieve page one rankings.

Your ultimate goal is to be found everywhere so people consume your content. At we offer a free Mini-Course. Please sign up for it and get your videos and articles ranked number one.

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