Hiring Mom a Helper for Housekeeping Was Cheaper Than Day Care

My mom recovered from her hip replacement okay, but she still had a hard time getting all of her daily chores done. She would exhaust herself keeping house, and was missing out on the fun things she used to enjoy. My wife and I decided to hire her a part time helper in Singapore to keep her house clean. It was the least we could do as she was the chief babysitter for our two children while we worked the same work schedule. We saved a fortune in childcare, so hiring her help for housekeeping was still saving us a fortune in costs.

Kids are what can really mess up a home. They can be taught to put things away and to pick up after themselves, but they still manage to track in dirt and smear up just about any surface they touch. Our refrigerator at home is stainless steel, and it only takes a few minutes after cleaning the doors of it that little fingerprints start to form on it again. It is like these things are invisible to children but like neon signs to adults. My poor mother was left with a mess every day she had to clean up. It was wearing her out to watch the kids and keep the house clean.

The part time helper in Singapore we hired helps her keep up with all the chores. Now Mom can spend more time with the kids. I hear she is getting pretty good at playing video games. So much so that she beat our son in a first-person shooter game where he thought he was the champ. My mother has always been able to surprise me in that way. She learned guitar to be able to teach me when I was a young boy. I play at a pro level today.

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