Google Ranking Factors, Machine Learning Spam & Google Doubt – This week in search, Google disclosed what the top three ranking factors are, which are links, content and RankBrain – if RankBrain is even a ranking factor. Google said machine learning is coming to spam fighting but a former Googler said it is already in use. Google and Moz went at it over clicking on search results impacts search rankings. Google explained why non-English search results are easier to spam. Google said SEOs are wrong about 302s not passing PageRank. So then SEOs and Google mocked each other over who is lying. Google says posting english reviews on non english sites are okay. Former Google says he did see the early March update and it has gone unnoticed long enough. A Local SEO got over 60 of his clients suspended overnight. Google is showing more “people also ask” boxes according to Moz. Google is testing images in the search snippets. Google AdSense rolled out matched content ads. Google revamped the search advertising AdWords exam. Finally, we are sad to hear that Fathom, Rodney Brown has passed away. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google: The Top Three Ranking Factors Are Content, Links & RankBrain :
Google: Machine Learning For Spam Detection & Search Quality Is Coming :
Former Google Spam Fighter: Machine Learning Already In Spam Algorithms :
Google vs. Moz On Clicks Influencing Search Ranking :
Google: Web Spam Algorithms Global But Some Regions Pose More Spam Issues For Google :
Google: SEOs Are Wrong, 302 Redirects Pass PageRank:
Here Is Some Google Engineer Sarcasm For You
Google: Reviews In Original Language On Intern : Pages Are Acceptable
Former Googler: Google’s Early March Update Gone Unnoticed Long Enough :
One Local SEO Got His 60 Clients Penalized In One Night :
Moz: Google Displaying “People Also Ask” Box More Often To Searchers :
Google Testing Images In Search Results Snippets :
Google AdSense Matched Content Ads Rolling Out :
Google Revamps Search Advertising Exam For Google Partners :
Fathom, SEO Forum Personality, Rodney L Brown Passed Away :

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