Google Local Carousel | The Black Bar For Local Search

Google Local Carousel | The Black Bar For Local Search

Google(tm) announced an update to their local search, i.e. Google Local (Maps/Places), which they are calling Google Local Carousel. You will see why they call it that in just a minute.

This carousel has been showing up more often over the past two weeks. Search terms that have been triggering this new “black bar” are related to “restaurants, hotels, recreation & attractions”. But, other testing from local search websites have shown that more than fifty topics are being served up on this new results bar.

According to Jade W. on Google Groups, Local Carousel has been appearing on tablet searches since December. She announced the rollout for desktops on June 18th, as per her post date stamp.

Since many of you who watch my videos and read my articles here on my website have probably not seen this change, I am going to show you what the local carousel looks like (watch video below), how it will affect your local search results and a couple of ways to benefit from it.

Google Local Carousel – A First Look

To see the new local search carousel layout, what keywords trigger it and how you can benefit from this new local search bar, watch the video. Here is what will be covered:

* When did the new bar start appearing?
* What keyword search terms trigger the carousel bar?
* A study that reveals where searchers are clicking?
* The determining factor for clicking on the black bar for local search?
* Two things you can do to benefit from this new local search update?
* We’ll look at some live results

Find it faster :
Intro: 00:00
Google Local for Carousel: 00:07
New bar appearing: 00:20
Keyword search terms: 00:40
Where searchers clicking: 01:13
Determining factor: 02:28
Two benefits: 02:50
Live results: 04:29
Outro: 13:49

Google Local Carousel | The Black Bar For Local Search

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