Google Adwords and Keyword Planner for SEO 2016

We know, using google Adwords we can easily find best keywords for our website and youtube video channel.Check this video:

At first, we want to know a difference between google Adsense and google AdWords. Easy example- sometimes we can see many advertise when we read any unique content or see movie/Natok/ song etc. You know this advertisement showing here because google gets money from advertisement company owner.

Now you think you have a company and there are many products have your company. You want to know that if you very quickly rank in your company you must to advertisement your company product. Now you must choose best ad company to google AdWords.

When you advertisement your company product you must create a google AdWords account. So follow this process to create google AdWords account-

1)Go to

2)Click start now button. Then you can see there are many options there. Such as- about your business, your first campaign, billing and review.So fill up this form and start to advertisement your product.

Now find the best keyword for your product. Follow this steps-

1)When you finished your create google AdWords account click tools option and click keyword planner.

2)Now you click google keyword planner and trends.

3)Now type your keyword to know product volume (high, medium and low).

4)You can type many keyword use comma separately.

5)Now click get search volume.

6)Then you can see your product volume searches high, medium or low.

7)If you see your product volume is high or medium so you can use this keyword.

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