Get Leads Fast with Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing

Get Leads Fast with Pay Per Click Online Search Engine Marketing
Paid search ads (Pay Per Click, PPC) can be a great way to attract qualified traffic to your website with immediate results at both the national and local level.

Beware of Overspending and Poor Targeting
However, with the pay per click bidding process, campaigns should be managed carefully, to avoid overspending, or worse still, targeting your budget to the wrong audience.

7 Key Elements of an Optimized PPC Campaign
A properly optimized Pay Per Click Campaign will include the following seven key elements to work in harmony together:

1. Keyword Research forms the foundation the campaign and if omitted or done incorrectly can have you going off in the wrong direction from the very start and ultimately impact your valuable marketing budget.
2. Well-Crafted Ad Copy. Give your ad copy some thought. Make it short, direct and include a clear and compelling Call to Action (“Buy Now”, “Register Here”, etc.). Make the most of every word and every character. Writing specific ads will properly target the intended audience will improve your performance tremendously.
3. A/B Testing. Don’t set your ad copy in stone. Use campaign tools like A/B testing to test, measure and tweak your copy to help generate better results.
4. Bid Management. Pay Per Click best practices can be a bit of a tedious task to complete and manage effectively. Bid management tools monitor bids and activity and will help deliver a very reliable and consistent cost per acquisition. Monitor + Understand + Improve = ROI
5. Relevance and Landing Page Content. The quality and relevance of your landing page will not only give the visitor a consistent transition from your ad, it will also play a key part in how your ads are positioned in the search results. Key Landing Page Building Blocks: Consistent Message, Quick Load Time, Original Content.
6. Hone Your Call to Action. Make sure to include a visible Call to Action on your landing page, making it obvious to your customers on what next step you want them to take, e.g. “Buy Here”, “Call Us At”, “Register Now”, “Click Here to Sign Up”, “Add to Cart”, “View a Demo”, “Find Out Now”, “Get In Now”, etc.
7. Results Measurement. Just as keyword research is a critical starting point, measuring your progress is critical to your success once your campaign is up and running. Having measures in place to monitor the success of your paid search activity will enable you to make improvements and realize a return on your digital advertising investment. Test + Measure + Tweak + Improve + Repeat.

Want Help?
If you would like help improving your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign get in touch with James Ruppel, your local Long Island, NY Google-Certified WSI Internet Marketing Consultant, at 631-615-2983 or email

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