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Gobza is all about connecting businesses with buyers. Gobza’s patent pending process allows Businesses to advertise for free; Shoppers to get what they want, when they want it, for less; and Nonprofit organizations can use it as a free and carefree fund-raising platform.

It’s easy. It’s rewarding. But, it’s a race…
Take a moment and think about everyone that you have in your database, your address book, friends on Facebook®, and followers on Twitter®. How many people do you have visiting your website every week or reading your emails or blogs? Now ask yourself… How many of those people are exclusive to YOU? The answer is ZERO.

Gobza allows you to cash in on your connections!
Every transaction on Gobza is just like any other transaction – it has a buyer and a seller. Only with Gobza, the Business pays nothing to advertise. Since membership in Gobza is by invitation only via a unique, trackable link – we call it a GobzaLink – Gobza knows which person or organization referred the Shopper and the Business of each and every transaction.

Gobza tracks every transaction up to four waves of viral passage on both sides of the transaction — the Business side and the Shopper side. These four waves become your exclusive “GobzaVerse.” Gobza pays 2% of its revenue to each of the 8 connectors, the four connectors for the Business and four connectors for each Shopper. That’s 16% paid on every transaction.

Official Launch date is September 7, 2012 get people to sign up right now before anybody!

Join Now Free!
Join Now Free!

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