Facebook Ads Tutorial 2015 for Conversions to Website + Facebook Advertising Power Editor Training

Facebook advertising tutorial 2015 showing low cost conversions, power editor ad creation for sales, and analyzing existing campaigns and ad sets. Get the full course at http://jerrybanfield.com or https://jerrybanfield.com/product/facebook. See the sales text below!

Learn much more about the facebook power editor in this tutorial! This is the best Facebook power editor tutorial 2015. You also get great information about facebook marketing 2015.

Want to see how to get your next 1,000 sales using Facebook marketing for free and how to get your next 100,000 likes for under ,000 in Facebook ad spend? You will get that and much more in this course on Facebook marketing and advertising! When you enroll in this course, you will feel the love, hope, and faith that inspired me to create this course for your benefit!

Whether you have studied Facebook pages, marketing, and ads a long time or are just learning, this course has fresh information from 2014 that you will see for the first time combined with inspiration that will leave you feeling confident that you can be successful with your own Facebook advertising campaigns!

How did I gain the knowledge it takes to effectively teach you about Facebook?

In college, I was one of the first users to sign up for Facebook. Since then, I have done nearly everything you can imagine on Facebook. I used Facebook to build my company from nothing to being here with you now in just three years with no funding, no existing clients, no knowledge of business, no previous experience with marketing or advertising, and no idea how to make money online.

Since 2013, I have shown over 500 million ads in my own Facebook advertising account and made most of my income by building successful relationships using Facebook marketing for free with messages to Facebook pages. These relationships were built on my proven ability to use Facebook ads to get page likes and website conversions for myself.

You can insert what you are doing and use this course to build a formula for your success! You get only what I know from experience and the information you need to start applying the course today! Here are some more skills you can learn in this course!

You can use this course to build and sharpen your Facebook advertising skills!
If you want hands on screen captured videos, you will get to see me making ad campaigns for Facebook page likes and website conversions.
If you want to see how to build your business using social media marketing, I discuss how to grow powerful relationships on Facebook, how to build social proof globally using Facebook ads, and how to setup and use a squeeze page for conversions.
You can depend on me to always add new material and update existing lectures which are all from 2014 already!

Enroll now if you want to apply 80/20 to learning Facebook marketing and advertising! If you use Facebook for business or are a Facebook page owner or admin than wants to get better results out of Facebook ads or get your page viral by working smart instead of hard, you can depend on my course to give you everything you need to take the next step!

Thank you for learning more about my course and I hope what I share with you when you are enrolled in the course will prove helpful! Get the full course at http://jerrybanfield.com

Are you looking for a great tutorial on Facebook advertising? Do you like new videos on Facebook ads? Want to know how to advertise on Facebook? Do you need to know how to market on Facebook? You can use this video to learn more about social media marketing in 2015 especially on Facebook marketing. If you like videos by Nick Unsworth and Life on fire or Life on fire TV or Eli the Computer Guy, then you will find this video tutorial very helpful! You do not need a business coach or business coaching when you use the information here for yourself!

Get more information about Facebook (Website) and the Advertising (Industry) plus more on social network marketing. See that there is not that much Facebook click fraud to worry about! This video was created by Jerry Banfield at http://jerrybanfield.com/. Subscribe to my YouTube channel at http://jerry.tips/ytsubcription

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