Display Advertising Exam Answers Guide 2016 – Google Adwords Certification Exam

Google Adwords Advanced Display Advertising Exam Answers Guide – 95 Questions with Correct Answers for Practice.

Get the Correct Answers for Display Advertising Exams mentioned below Questions:

1. The Ad gallery allows advertisers to:

2. Your client Alexa, who sells wedding accessories, is running a text ad on the Display Network. What might Google automatically include in her ads?

3. For an ad entering an auction on the Display Network, the AdWords system will calculate the effective cost–per–thousand impressions (eCPM) when there are:

4. Which is a method for evaluating performance of engagement ads created with the Ad gallery?

5. Your client has a cupcake shop in a hard-to-find alley in San Francisco. She’s advertising on the Display Network. What’s the best way to help people find her?

6. What functionality applies to HTML5 ads?

7. On the Display Network, enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) automatically:

8. An advertiser purchasing display advertising through other ad networks can still benefit from using AdWords display ads because the advertiser:

9. Someone browsing the internet sees Google Adwords display ad for laptop computers on a Google Display Network site, but does not click on it.

10.  If one of your display ad groups isn’t serving due to incorrect target and bid settings, what should you do?

11. An advertiser notices that a display campaign is receiving a large number of conversions at certain times and days of the week.

12. Which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on direct response marketing goals?

13. Remarketing is targeting ads to people who’ve already visited:

14. Which best practice is advisable when optimizing ad groups within a placement-targeted display campaign?

15. Viewable cost-per-thousand impressions (vCPM):

16. View-through conversions are only available to:

17. Which targeting method allows an advertiser to reach people who have previously visited their website by showing them relevant ads

18. Your client Anna wants to increase the reach and visibility of her ads. Which bidding strategy would you recommend?

19. A custom Lightbox ad must have a format hosted in:

20. If your client runs a car dealership and wants to increase brand awareness among auto enthusiasts, which bidding type would you suggest?

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