Dentist Continuing Education Requirements

Dentist Continuing Education Requirements
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Pursuing dental CE courses is a requirement for any dentist irrespective of where one practices from. Among the numerous approaches currently in use to achieve this objective, the online option is becoming very popular with this vital cadre of health practitioners. A common area of concern with most of these professionals revolves around dentist continuing education requirements that one must meet in order to succeed as an online dental student. Before we delve into this why not consider some reasons why Dentist CE is important for you?

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Gathering sufficient credits

As a practitioner in this field you are quite aware of the numerous challenges you face on a daily basis. New dental problems keep popping up; old ways of addressing familiar problems are no longer working, new technologies are always emerging, in short the field of dental practice is changing constantly. For one to remain relevant in the midst of these changes, it is vital to keep updating your skills and knowledge base. This is why authorities require these experts to keep updating their skills on an annual basis by pursuing Continuing Education courses and accumulating a specified minimum number of credits for their licenses to be renewed. However, these credits have to be recognized by the professional body mandated to regulate dental CE courses in that respective country. In the US, this is the responsibility of PACE.

Dentist Continuing Education Requirements

To succeed as an online dentist student you need to have the necessary tools and skills.


Of course the first mandatory requirement is an internet connected device. The most common devices used for this purpose are desktop and laptop computers. The desktop is ideal for anyone who wants to study from the comfort of a given location, such as at your home or office. The major advantage of a desktop is the keyboard and the mouse which makes it easier and convenient to type. A laptop on the other hand is portable giving you the convenience of accessing your classes from any location. The only challenge that some people find with the laptop is that the battery might not last very long if you are not near a source of power. Tablets and smartphones can also come in handy. However, most smartphones have a limited capacity when it comes to downloading and even submitting assignments. Nevertheless, they can be vital tools for checking on new assignments and interacting with your instructors and fellow classmates.


Maneuvering your way online requires vital internet skills. In case you have not undertaken any training about the internet, it is high time you enrolled for this. It is easy and fun. You need to learn how to:

· Log in and log out of the internet

· Conduct internet searches

· Download and upload a document

· Use Skype to interact one on one with your instructors and classmates online

· Create, receive and send emails

· Make online payments among other internet skills

Be organized

The flexibility of online learning is its greatest advantage and yet its biggest challenge. Avoid procrastination, stick faithfully to your study schedule and finish your course in time.

Whatever it takes, ensure you have these vital skills and knowledge. It will only take you a few days to master these crucial techniques.


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