Dental Internet Marketing Case Study 500% ROI | Best Dental Marketing Company

If you’re looking for a high level dental internet marketing company, check out Crawford and O’Brien at To learn more about the 500% ROI case study, visit Within 2 months, was ranked on the first page of Google. Then a high quality PPC campaign was launched through Adwords and other retargeting platforms. Everything has a positive ROI. Here’s the order of what has the highest ROI.

1. Retargeting 10,000%+
2. SEO 400%+
3. PPC 300%+
4. Youtube 100%+

for more info, check out

This video was created by Crawford and O’Brien, a local growth hacking / digital marketing agency based in Phoenix, AZ. Currently, all of their clients get positive ROIs and are very happy. There’s a reason. Crawford and O’Brien use systems that work. Being on the cutting edge of SEO, PPC, retargeting etc, it’s hard to stop Crawford and O’Brien from dominating. They are one of the best SEO companies in Phoenix, and one of the best PPC companies in Phoenix as well.

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