Comparison of Keyword Search Tools: WordTracker versus Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Optimization of keywords and keywords phrases involves the use of keyword search tools such as the Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool or the Google Adwords: Keyword Tool (also free).

There are a number of criteria that search engine’s use when ranking websites for placement in their respective search results.

Though there are many criteria that are used to define page rank, one of the more basic is keyword and keyword phrases. Selection of optimal keywords and keyword phrases for the content of any web page involves keyword research using any of a variety of keyword suggestion tools.

This screen capture video tutorial compares two of the most well known and widely used “free” tools available: WordTracker’s Free Keyword Suggestion Tool and the Free Adwords Keyword Tool from Google.

Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool:

Results provided from this tool are the estimated daily search volume for a given keyword (text in quotes from the Wordtracker site);

The data are estimated from terms they search on and (collectively 0.63% (less than 1%) of searches across all engines).

Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

Results provided from the Google Tool shows the approximate number of search queries matching your keywords that were performed on Google and the search network in the previous calendar month (test in quotes from the Google site) or annualized monthly average;

In January 2009, CNET and other sources report that Googles share of search engine traffic was 63% in the U.S. and 55% across the Globe.

Since Wordtrackers results are daily they should be multiplied by a factor of 30 (average days per month), which I forgot to do when making the video.

On the other hand, those results are estimates based on searches conducted on search engines receiving almost two orders of magnitude less traffic than Google.

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